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Fully featured media sharing
platform for commercial and
corporate use

Share all kind of media files
to your coworkers and clients

Let your clients preview
photos you took and deliver
finalized digital files

Advanced access control: You
decide who can view or
download your files

For Clubs and
500 GB of storage space
For Entrepreneurs and
Photograpy Pros
1000 GB of storage space
For Small Companies
2000 GB of storage space
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* Prices do not include Value added Tax (VAT) Prices when subscribed to 24-month prepaid term. You can pay in 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 month in advance. See all payment options in the price list.

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Media sharing platform

For Professional Photographers

Professional photographers can users can use Mediadrive to optimize their workflow. Sharing previews from photo shooting day and receiving feedback from the client is easy, and delivering finalized digital files removes any hassle with email attachments and size limits.

For Communities and Clubs

Clubs and Communities can use Mediadrive in many ways. They can collect videos and photos from members and share them with others, taking advantage of access control features of the platform. Archiving photo galleries of past events and activities is also possible due to large storage space we provide.

For Companies

Companies and Corporations can use Mediadrive to share their Press photos, logos and other media with other parties, while archiving other media content for internal use by taking advantage of advanced access control features Mediadrive provides.

It is also possible to customize the appearance of media gallery to match it with company's visual guidance.

Main Features

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery lets you organize Photos, Videos and other media files to Folders and Subfolders, just like in a computer. Use the folder structure to organize your content in the way that suits your use case best. You can also add tags (keywords) and other meta data to the content. Mediadrive will automatically transform your folders to beautiful photo galleries that can be viewed with normal web browsers. See an example.

Blogging platform

Mediadrive also includes fully-featured blogging platform which you can use to tell your visitors more about the events and activities, or just write about your best photos. You can also give permission to others to write blog posts, which could be useful in Community or Club use.

Custom Pages

You can also create pages with text content in addition to Photo Galleries and a blog. Share your contact information, price list or other useful content with your visitors.

Simple to subscribe

You can subscribe to the Mediadrive service by using your credit card - you can pay in advance, or activate automatic recurring payment which keeps your Photo site up and running automatically.

You can pay in 3, 6, 12 or 24 months in advance. Automatic monthly recurring billing is available. See all payment options in the price list.

Transfer photos between you and your client

Download folder

Folder with download access makes it easy for your clients to download full-sized original files. You can also define other smaller resolutions which your client can choose from and the platform with automatically resize any images to these sizes. Your client can choose one or more files to download at once and you can also make the selections and send him/her a link which will automatically start download.

Upload folder

You can also allow your clients to upload their files with specific invitation link you can send to them. After opening the link they can start uploading any files to the folder. This is an easy way to collect event photos from participants, for example.

Storage platform

Storage space

Mediadrive gives you a lot of storage space for your photos, videos and other media files. Storage capacity depends on the plan chosen, starting at 500 gigabytes, up to 5 terabytes. Mediadrive always stores your original content, letting you download it back to you in original format.

There is no need to install any additiona software. You can use your web browser to upload and download files between your devices and the service. For advanced users we also have SFTP access and an export plugin for Adobe Lightroom. We also have simple upload/sharing apps for iOS and Android devices.

Receiving files from visitors

You can allow others to upload their photos and other files to your folders. They do not need to install any additional applications or even sign up to our service, they just need an invitation link from you. This makes it easy to collect event photos from multiple participants, for example.

A lot of supported file formats

Mediadrive supports multiple file formats - for photos we support all the usual formats (.jpg, .tiff, .png, .heic/.heif, and RAW files of most cameras), videos with most popular formats, including high dynamic range (HDR), and other formats used by commercial applications like .pdf, .psd, .ai, .indd, .rtf, .doc, .ppt, ja .xls. The service can even generate thumbnails and previews from these files.

Mobile-optimized galleries

Mediadrive will automatically scale down your content for mobile viewers. There is no need to resize photos - just upload all the originals and we will take care of the rest. Visitors can also zoom in the photos to take a closer look.

Photo editing tools

Mediadrive supports multiple file formats - for photos we support all the usual formats (.jpg, .tiff, .png, .heic/.heif, and RAW files of most cameras), videos with most popular formats, including high dynamic range (HDR), and other formats used by commercial applications like .pdf, .psd, .ai, .indd, .rtf, .doc, .ppt, ja .xls. The service can even generate thumbnails and previews from these files.

Access control and sharing


You can have Mediadrive automatically watermark the photos. A watermark can be generated from a text automatically or you can upload your own watermark file.

Protected folders

Folders can be defined as private or public. You can then decide who can access the folders. it is easy to share an invitation link with others which will then allow them to open the folder. You can also define additional permissions the invitations (manage folder, upload files, download originals without watermarks etc).

Content embedding

You can use our WordPress media plugin to make your content available in your WordPress Media gallery. We also have plugin which allows you to embed photos from single folder to your WP page with easy to use photo carousel.

Original file sharing

You can allow visitors (all or only the ones with invitation link) to download original files from the folder (withour any compression or rescaling). It is also possible for you to select a number of files and send a link to someone which starts downloading these files immediately.

Invitation links

You can send invitation links to other people via email, messaging apps or social media platforms. Anyone who receives the link can access the photos just by openign the link.

Comments and Ratings

You can allow your visitors to leave comments and rate the files (using 1-5 stars).

Social media sharing

You can also enable social media sharing buttons which will allow your visitors to re-share the public content from your site. Mediadrive will automatically generate required metadata to include thumbnail attachment with the sharing message.

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